Grade 8

Welcome to Respecki’s Grade 8 PE Blog! 

Grade 8 PE 2015 has some exciting activities in store for YOU!

So far we have established comfortable benchmarks for your Fitness by utilizing ‘Fitnessgram’ where you can check out how you compare to you in December!! Please reference the below blog entry for review and specifics on each assessed area. 

Also, our class has played ‘Indoor Invasion Games’, while collaborating with classmates in team settings and demonstrating general knowledge and understanding of the game of Volleyball. Currently, we are developing skills in the ‘Outdoor Invasion Game Unit’ specifically with a variety of games in Soccer and Touch Rugby!! Fun Times here at ISM!

Stay Active and Encourage others to be active with YOU! 



Respecki Grade 8 – International Games

International Games

Some sports we will be doing during this unit…

  • Handball
  • Korfball
  • Tchoukball
  • Lacrosse
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Ultimate



Design and produce a ‘How to play’ in 10 Simple Rules Brochure

Your brochure must be folded into a leaflet and contain the following information

  • Basic rules of the game
  • Comparison to another game
  • It must be present as fun, informative and interesting!
See the rubric for more details

Respecki Grade PE

This week we started our Soccer Unit, we reviewed dribbling and passing techniques. Next week, we will move to trapping and small sided games. The assessment task for this unit is based on your ability to work with teammates in a positive manner as well as your skill level while participating in game situations.  Continue to fill in your Activity Journals each day!!!!   Hope your CWW was both rewarding and FUN! 

See ya next week at the MS Field for more Soccer !!!

Coach Respecki